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How to Check Mi Device Clean/Lost Mode


What is Mi-Account?

Mi Account allows you to access all the services provided by Xiaomi. Like Xiaomi Cloud, Mi Community, and other system services. Mi Store and other flagship retailing platforms. Mi Home: one app for all your smart devices.

What is Mi-Account Lock?

Mi Account Locked Device is that is locked to the previews Signed in user account so in order to someone use the Phone again he/she must know the previews user Mi-Account Email and Password to make it Unlocked and use it again or if you’re selling your Mi-Device to someone you must turn off or sign-out your MI-Account from your device before selling it.

Why Do I Check if its Clean/Lost Mode?

If you got Mi-Account Locked Device from someone and you don’t know the Phone Mi-Account Email/Password the First Way to Unlock your Phone without the need of Previews Mi-Account login info is by using the Software but most of the time the software method may not work and the only way for you to make your device unlocked and use it again is by using Online Mi-Account unlock service so in order to use this kind of service you must check if your device is Clean or Lost(Means Reported as Stolen on Mi-Server).

So if the Phone is status is clean you can order online Mi-Account Unlock Service or if your Device is Lost Mode you can’t order your device for online Mi-Account Unlock Service means it may not be unlocked.

How to Check Mi-Device Clean/Lost?

The Easy and Free way to check if you Mi Phone is Clean or Lost is by checking the activation screen.

1. Connect your Device to the Wi-Fi Network

2. and back to the background Black first activation lock screen

So if your Device is Clean you will see the below First Activation Screen that doesn’t show any kind of owner info

1. Clean Device First Activation Screen

2. Lost/Stolen Device First Activation Screen

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